My research specialty is in the subfield of physics education research. These are some areas of active research for me:
  • How students use their prior knowledge while learning new physics concepts
  • Why women and ethnic minorities are underrepresented in physics
  • The development of new kinesthetic learning activities to help students learn physics ideas
  • The effect of Learning Assistants in a physics program

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Curriculum Vitae

Recent publications:

* indicates a TCNJ undergraduate student author

AJ Richards. Teaching mechanics using kinesthetic learning activities. The Physics Teacher, 57(1), p. 35-38, (2019).

AJ Richards, D. C. Jones, & E. Etkina. How students combine resources to make conceptual breakthroughs. Research in Science Education, p. 1-23, (2018).

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B. Santangelo* & AJ Richards. Characterizing teacher-asked questions in a high school physics classroom. PERC 2016 Proceedings, p. 300-303, (2016).